Floor Design Ideas in Lafayette, LA

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No matter the design style you have in mind, personalized flooring is a smart way to add flair to your home's decor. The variety of materials and designs available in tile, laminate, hardwood and vinyl flooring means that it's easier than ever to make your home unique.

Tile Accents

Tile flooring has the ability to fit within a multitude of styles. Whether you choose large-format tiles with minimal grout lines to give a smooth look to your floor, wood-look tile which replicates the texture and grain of real wood or unique shapes and styles, such as hexagons and mosaics, you are sure to come out with a unique piece that will add life to your home.

Wood-look tile is almost identical and adds warmth as if it's the real thing.

One can not go wrong with large tiles and a smooth appearance.

Laminate Accents

Our laminate flooring comes in popular light and dark browns, grays and natural wood shades. Laminate will give off the realistic impression of many popular hardwood species.

Enjoy high-end flooring trends like textured wood

Enjoy high-end flooring trends like realistic stones

Hardwood Accents

With hardwood floors, you are choosing a quality product that will give you the durability and beauty you desire.

From modern to rustic, we have it all.

Make your entryway feel warm and inviting.

Vinyl Accents

Want a high-quality, low-stress flooring. Turn to vinyl sheet installation. Vinyl sheet can be installed anywhere in the house, so long as it's a flat, level surface.

Vinyl flooring is durable and stands up well to heavy foot traffic.

Vinyl flooring is comfortable under foot and reduces noise.

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